ReadMe 契約の浮遊船 取り扱い説明書 不具合など

Thank you for purchasing Contract Floating Ship.
Read the ReadMe, such as in-game instructions. was displayed as
The contents of this page shall be the contents of the ReadMe.
(It was planned to be included in the game files, but it was managed online to keep the latest information.)

目次 table of contents

A クイックスタート Quick Start
[ 起動方法 ]  starting method 

[ アンインストール方法 ] How to uninstall
[ 操作方法 ] Method of operation
[ 画面解像度について ] About screen resolution
[ 不具合、バグについて ] About defects and bugs
[ 不具合修正リスト ] Bug fix list

B 注意事項 Notes
[ 利用規約・ガイドライン ] Terms of Use/Guidelines
[ オンライン動画サービスで実況配信するにあたって ] For live streaming on online video services
[ 免責 ] disclaimer
[ 著作権 ] Copyright


A クイックスタート Quick Start
[ 起動方法 ]

[ starting method ]
Please purchase “Ship Contracted” from the Steam store page, install it, and then launch it from the Steam launcher’s play button. How to purchase is easy, but explained on another page.
Also, in the developer test before sales, there was a problem that the product data size of “Ship Contracted” was originally about 16.3 GB, but it was displayed as 4.51 GB. When the download was actually completed, the actual file was 16.3 GB, so if you are worried, please check the capacity of the local file.
Postscript ・When I checked it carefully, the normal download size was 4.51 GB.
It seems to be about 16.3GB when expanded. Steam’s compression technology is amazing.


[ アンインストール方法 ]
[How to uninstall]
Select the game you want to delete using the Steam launcher function, and execute “Manage” → “Uninstall”.


[ 操作方法 ]
浮遊船 FloatingShip

プレイヤー Player

You can start the telescope with the RB button (only when using the free camera).
I forgot to write the description. I just forgot to write it in the 404 build
It’s working.

ボート Boat

キーボードショートカット(補助機能)keyboard shortcuts (auxiliary functions)


[ 画面解像度について ]
[Regarding screen resolution]
Although Unity’s standard function is to automatically detect and change the resolution, this game is designed with FullHD (1920 x 1080) resolution. There is a resolution change option UI in the option menu, but it is produced on the assumption that it will only work with FullHD (1920 x 1080). Support for other resolutions is currently undecided, but fine adjustments such as fine positioning may be possible with an update, so if you report it, we may or may not be able to fix it.


[ 不具合、バグについて ] About defects and bugs

● セーブ後3週間以上が経過した後にロードを実行すると、ロードを選択したデータの1個下のセーブデータが読み込まれる不具合を何度か確認しています。
● 220917追記・Steamクライアントにインストールしたゲームにて1ヶ月以上経過した状態でロードが正常に動くかチェックしたところ、1つの場面を除いてすべて正常に動作しました。何かあれば気軽に教えてください。


Problem 1
● We have confirmed several times that if you load after more than 3 weeks have passed since saving, the save data one level below the data you selected to load will be loaded.
● 220917 Addendum ・When I checked whether loading worked normally after more than a month had passed with the game installed on the Steam client, everything worked normally except for one scene. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
Solution 1
Just to be sure, I was able to restart the play somehow by having the latest data saved two or more times in succession, and somehow loading the data.
However, it is not a fundamental solution, and the cause is not known at all at present, so I am very troubled by the situation where I can not fix it even if I want to. (The main cause is known to the point of GameCreator, which is a Unity purchase asset, but since we do not know what is happening when the game runs, we cannot identify the cause.)


● 特定のステージからセーブロードを行うと、ロード直後に浮遊船が壊れる場合を確認しています。

Problem 2
We have confirmed that saving and loading from a specific stage will cause the floating ship to break immediately after loading.
Solution 2
Please start from the button to start from the continuation after the game starts. The fundamental solution is planned to be addressed in updates after the 412 build.


Please refer to the following page for past issues that have been resolved and update history.


[ 不具合修正リスト ]
 現状発見している不具合や修正予定の箇所をなるべくユーザーと共有できるようにしたいと思っていますが、どうにもネタバレを含んでしまうためどのような方法で共有するべきなのかを考え中です。条件としては1=製品を購入済みの方、でかつ 2=すでにゲームをクリアしている人 に当てはまる人のみが閲覧できるような何か?を探しています。また方法や掲載場所が決まればここに記載する予定です。
[ Bug fix list ]
I would like to be able to share with users as much as possible the problems we have discovered and the parts we plan to fix, but we are still thinking about how to share them, as they will contain spoilers. As a condition, 1 = those who have already purchased the product, and 2 = those who have already cleared the game, something that can only be viewed by people? I’m looking for. Also, when the method and location are decided, it will be described here.


B 注意事項
[ 利用規約・ガイドライン ]

[ オンライン動画サービスで実況配信するにあたって ]
詳しくは 配信モード の説明ページを御覧ください。(メニューバーと同じページです。)

B Notes
[Terms of Use/Guidelines]
This game is fiction. It has nothing to do with real people, organizations, events, etc. Also, there is no intention to promote crime or murder. Rather, can’t we develop the fun of games other than combat? When
It is a work that finds fun other than fighting.

[On live streaming with an online video service]
When posting “Contract Floating Ship” content (images, audio, videos, etc.) to online video services such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Twitch, etc., please use the distribution mode and be sure to follow the terms of use.
For more information, please see the delivery mode explanation page. (It is the same page as the menu bar.)



[ 免責 ]

1 この作品を利用したことで発生する不利益、トラブル、故障、損害、障害などに関して著作者は一切の責任を負わないものとします。

2 動作環境によっては快適に動作しない可能性があります。

3 予期せぬバグ、誤作動、不具合はデバッグにより修正を行っていますが、発生する可能性があります。

4 新たに発見された不具合などは修正を行いますが、全ての不具合、欠陥を改善することはできない場合があります。

5 この作品に含まれる3Dデータ、音声、画像などの素材は各アセットの製作者様が著作権を保有していることがあります。詳しくはReadme内の著作権の欄をご確認ください。

1 The author shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages, troubles, failures, damages, obstacles, etc. that occur as a result of using this work.
2. Depending on the operating environment, it may not work comfortably.
3. Unexpected bugs, malfunctions, and defects are being fixed through debugging, but they may occur.
4. We will fix newly discovered defects, but we may not be able to improve all defects.
5. The copyrights of the 3D data, audio, images, and other materials included in this work may be held by the creators of each asset. For details, please check the copyright column in the Readme.


[ 著作権 ]
この作品に含まれる3Dデータ、音声、画像などの素材は各アセットの製作者様が著作権を保有しています。利用ライセンスは License agreement Standard Unity Asset Store EULA に準じています。

[ Copyright ]
This work uses the following assets sold at the Unity Asset Store.
The 3D data, audio, images, and other materials included in this work are copyrighted by the creators of each asset. The usage license conforms to the License agreement Standard Unity Asset Store EULA.



Game Creator










C.V.P – Japanese Garden

Stylized Clouds Pack

Fantasy Adventure Environment

Massive Clouds Atmos – Volumetric Skybox

Japanese Apartment

Low Poly Japanese Housing Complex

POLYGON City – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Prototype – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

“Shouwa” 80’s Japanese town model set – vol.1 House

Translucent Crystals

Space Graphics Toolkit

SUIMONO Water System

Top Down – Fantasy Forest

Volumetric Fog & Mist 2

Butterfly Effect




Archimatix Pro

Digger PRO – Realtime terrain digging

Gaia Pro – Terrain & Scene Generator

Mtree – Tree Creation

L.V.E – Lava & Volcano Environment

R.A.M 2019 – River Auto Material 2019

UModeler – Model your World




Rainbow Magic

100 Special Skills Effects Pack

Spells Pack




Everyday Motion Pack

Basic Motions





Dreamteck Splines

Dynamic Bone

DOTween Pro

Sci-Fi Ship Controller




Modern Procedural UI Kit

UI Components for Game Creator

Procedural UI Image

UI – Builder




Amplify Impostors

Asset Cleaner PRO – Clean | Find References

Mantis LOD Editor – Professional Edition

Mesh Baker

Prefab Painter 2

Shader Control

Technie Collider Creator 2

UMotion Pro – Animation Editor

Script Inspector 3



Game Music Pack – SUITE

Ultimate Sound FX Bundle



[ 連絡先 ]


あそぽよ Creation

あそぽよ Progress

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*I check Twitter every day, but if I’m busy,
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